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The Best Healthcare System in Europe

HealthCare Expert is a healthcare concierge company operating across Spain. HealthCare Expert provides virtually any type of Cosmetic

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High Quality Clinics and Surgeons

The quality of the private clinics, surgeons and healthcare in Spain is exceptional. Spain ranks 7th in the world for the quality of its public healthcare

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Enjoyable Destinations with Concierge Service

HealthCare Expert will take care of the smallest detail to make your stay in Marbella as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We take care of

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Very Competitive Prices

This price list of aesthetic, medical and wellness treatments is indicative, and not exhaustive. Treatments that do not appear on that list

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  • Hello. My name is Kerstin. I am from Germany. I was on holiday in Malaga and thought I would have a cosmetic treatment to correct some annoying wrinkles and an old scar. I found HealthCare Expert through the web. I was very happy with the service. They were very quick to suggest various treatment alternatives and provide me with all the information I needed. Because they work with many clinics and doctors in the area, they can immediately recommend the most appropriate doctor and clinic. This really helps when you do not know where to go or just do not want to risk ending up in the wrong place. Kerstin, 43 ( Hamburg, Germany)

    Kerstin Cosmetic Treatment
  • Hi. My name is Sophie. I am from Switzerland. I was recommend HealthCare Expert in Marbella by a friend of mine. I wanted to have the size of my breasts reduced. I contacted the team, and after two weeks I had my surgery done. Everything went very fast. I had my surgery done in a clinic in Benalmadena near Marbella. I landed the Sunday afternoon, and had my surgery the following day. The plastic surgeon Dr. Giraldo was really nice. The scars are much smaller than what I was expecting and my back pain has disappeared. I also had a few facial aesthetic treatments while I was there. HealthCare Expert has made my stay in Marbella really enjoyable. They just take care of everything so you do not have to worry about anything. I do not speak Spanish but they all speak very good French, so no problem at all to communicate. I was there last winter and the weather in Marbella was so nice and sunny. One day we had temperature was even over 20C. I am planning to go back for more treatments next winter! Sophie, 29 (Geneva, Switzerland)

    Sophie breast surgery
  • I needed to have a hip replacement surgery but the waiting list is too long with the NHS. I could not wait any longer and decided to go private. I thought about having my surgery in Spain which I know well as I use to spend my holiday on the Costa del Sol. HealthCare Expert organised everything for me: consultations, surgery, taxi, hotels,etc... I had my sugery in the Malaga hospital in the centre of town. I was already walking with crunches the day after surgery. I returned to the UK a week after my surgery and no more pain! Tony, 62 (Birmingham, UK)

    Tony Hip Replacement Surgery
  • After my pregnancy, the skin of my stomach became loose and sagging. I wanted to have a tummy tuck to have it fixed. There are many plastic surgeons in London but the good ones are really too expensive. I started looking for a good plastic surgeon abroad. I contacted HealthCare Expert and they suggested different hospitals across the country. I decided to have my surgery done in a private clinic in Barcelona. They took really good care of me and make me feel very comfortable from the very beginning. The surgeon was very patient and took the time to explain everything about the procedure. The team was also very friendly. They surgery went perfectly well. I returned to London after 2 weeks and I even took a bit of time with my husband to visit the beautiful city of Barcelona. I am very happy about the result and I would really recommend HealthCare Expert. They made my whole experience in Barcelona so easy and relaxing. Aileen, 36 (London, UK)

    Aileen Plastic surgery
  • We are a young couple from France. We have been trying to have a baby for some time now, but sadly it did not work. We know that we need an IVF to be able to have our first baby. We found HealthCare Expert that recommended us a really nice clinic in Marbella. Very professional and welcoming team. HealthCare Expert organised our entire trip. We spent 3 weeks in the charming town of Marbella. We had a very relaxing time, and I am very happy to say that the procedure was succesful and my wife is now pregnant. Big thank you to HealthCare Expert and the medical team to make our dream come true. Olivier, 34 and Nathalie, 30 (Lyon, France)

    Nathalie Fertility Treatments
  • I was a bit embarassed with the shape of nose. I decided to have a rhinoplasty but I did not want to have it at home because I did not want my friends to see me. Marbella is well known in Spain for Cosmetic Surgery. I found HealthCare Expert while looking for a surgeon. I like the fact they offer the surgery with different doctors and different clinics. This gave me more confidence. The surgery went well and I am extremely happy with new shape of my nose. I would highly recommend HealthCare Expert. Really nice team. Thank you. Maria, 29 (Madrid, Spain)

    Maria Cosmetic Surgery

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