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Say goodbye to acne!

Acne is a skin condition caused by the overproduction of an oily substance called sebum, which is naturally produced by the sebaceous gland. If too much sebum is produced, it can block up the pores and allow for oil, skin bacteria, and hair protein to be trapped. This mixture can then easily cause inflammation around the hair follicle, and hence result in the typical appearance of Acne spots and pustules. Ellipse Laser Treatment can reduce the blood flow to the sebaceous gland, by directing short bursts of Intense Pulsed Light at the haemoglobin in the small blood vessels that supply the gland. The haemoglobin converts this light to heat energy, hence damaging the walls of the blood vessels, which ultimately results in a reduction of the sebum production. The treatment is mostly described by patients as almost pain free, comparable to a small flick on the skin, followed by a sensation of warmth. It takes around 60 flashes of Intense Pulsed Light to treat the whole facial area, which takes around 20 minutes including consultation and preparation. The treatment is typically repeated four times, at an interval of three weeks. It is recommended to apply a special adapalene cream for a few months after treatment, in order to help the inflammation from the Acne to clear up. If further outbreaks of Acne should occur after the first course of Ellipse Laser Treatment is completed, it can be repeated again as required.

Price Acne Laser Solution: From 290 € (see full price list)

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