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Addiction problems and related addictive diseases are becoming a rampant issue in our modern world. Addiction to a variety of substances, such as alcohol, food, nicotine, drugs, or behavioural problems such as gambling, workaholism, computer games, sex-addiction can cause very serious damage and deeply affect the life of the addict and that of his family and friends. It is accepted that today in our western society, about 40% of people suffer from addiction to a certain degree.The problem starts when this addiction begins to affect your health and your well-being, as well as the ones of your surroundings.

Addiction in simple terms is a compulsive and repetitive behaviour that issustained despite adverse consequences, or a neurological dysfunction affecting the mechanisms of reward, desire and consciousness that can lead to the same harming behaviour. The subject becomes unable to withdraw from the substance or to control an extreme behaviour and desire, and the obsession is blurring the perception of the important problems ahead.

The impact of such behaviours can result in serious physical or psychological trauma.

Addiction treatment & Rehab is needed when the consumption of the substance and/or the behaviour is getting out of control. Not treating such chronic and degenerative disease, can lead to catastrophic consequences, and in some cases to death.

We have significant experience in the treatment of all addictions and can treat any type of addiction in one of our luxury clinics in Marbella, Spain. The approach is highly personal due to the variety of possible addiction, and the results are very effective. All our patients are treated with the highest level of privacy.

Recommended clinics: Marbella High Care Hospital

Consultations available in: MARBELLA

NB: Surgeons and medical doctors can consult/operate in various hospitals and clinics. Please contact us to seek advice on which specialist to consult.


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