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The term Mesotherapy comes from the Greek ‘mesos’ for ‘middle’ and the word ‘therapeia’ which means ‘to treat medically’. It is a non surgical aesthetic procedure that involves the injection of a mixture of conventional and homeopathic medication, as well as a mixture of vitamins, into the middle layer of the skin in order to reach a variety of rejuvenating effects. Mesotherapy works in a similar manner to Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, in terms of its regenerative influence on cell repair and cell growth. Unlike Platelet Rich Plasma, however, the ingredients of the injection for Mesotherapy are not extracted from the patient’s own blood. The cocktail consists of a composition of vitamins, amino-acids, minerals, and a variety of other ingredients, all of which occur naturally in the skin, but degrade over time and require replenishing in order to keep the skin fresh and healthy. The latest forms of this therapy, like Nanopeptide Mesotherapy, also contain Biomimetic Peptides. These peptides mimic the function of growth factors, like those naturally contained in Platelet Rich Plasama, which help cell repair, accelerate cell growth, and promote the production of collagen, thereby plumping up lose and sagging skin.


In aesthetic medicine, Mesotherapy is used for the treatment of a variety of aesthetic problems, including the elimination of cellulite, promotion of weight loss, anti-aging treatments, and hair loss. Whilst the method of introducing the mixture in the middle layer of the skin to reach the desired results is the same for any of these indications, each treatment varies in terms of its intensity. Weight loss treatment and reduction of cellulite requires 1-2 treatments, for skin rejuvenation at least 6 treatments are advised, and for hair loss around 7 treatments will be required. Treatments are administered once a week, and then topped up again after approximately 6-8 months, although this pattern may vary depending on patients’ individual needs and on which option is deemed best by the administering physician.

Mesotherapy is minimally invasive, involving either a single fine needle, or an arrangement of thin needles that are administered with a special device for larger areas. The injections are generally almost painless, as only the fatty middle tissue of the skin is reached, but for patients with a low pain threshold a mild topical anaesthetic cream can be used to completely eliminate pain. The injections can cause small puncture marks in the skin during treatment, but these disappear again immediately after. As with any injections, there is a small chance of bruising, especially in more sensitive areas of the body, but this is minimal and will disappear after only a few days.

Generally, there is very little after care required for Mesotherapy procedures. Ice packs can be used to prevent or treat minor swelling, and it is advised to apply moisturisers or SPF creams to the treated areas. Most patients can return to their normal routines on the same day.

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