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Bariatric surgery or weight loss procedures are a set of surgical and non-surgical procedures that help overweight patients to regain control of their weight. A bariatric surgery, also called obesity surgery, should be considered when the sufficient and necessary weight loss cannot be achieved through exercise and diet. A bariatric surgery does not aim at surgically removing fat from the body and tissues. This is achieved through Cosmetic Surgery, for example liposuction or laser therapy, among others. There are different types of bariatric and weight loss surgery, but the key principle is to limit the food intake by reducing the size of the stomach and to increase the feeling of satiety. In addition, the most surgically advanced types of bariatric and weight loss procedures also aim at limiting the food and nutrients absorption by bypassing the upper part of the intestine. This is generally necessary when a massive weight loss is required. Our doctors will be able to advise on which bariatric surgery and weight-loss option is best adapted to your need.

A bariatric surgery is a very efficient and quick way to lose weight, however the real challenge often starts after surgery. Indeed many patients regain some weight after surgery, because they do not change their lifestyle. We understand that a weight loss can be a long and difficult journey, but we are uniquely positioned to provide all services and support needed along the way, so you can reach your objective of physical and mental health, as well as your aesthetic goal. At HealthCare Expert, we offer a holistic approach to weight loss, providing a wide range of integrated weight loss solutions tailored to individual needs, from weight loss Spa and retreat programmes to advanced aesthetic treatments and bariatric surgery. You may be eligible for a bariatric surgery with a BMI>35 (BMI= Body Mass Index). However, in some specific cases, for example for patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension or hypercholesterolemia, invasive bariatric surgery such as gastric band or gastric by-pass can be offered to patients with a BMI>30. Non-surgical weight loss procedure such as the intra-gastric balloon or the Abiliti gastric pacemaker procedure can be performed from a BMI>27 to a BMI<35.

Our bariatric procedures:


Biliopancreatic Diversion


Gastric Plication


Abiliti System


Gastric Sleeve


Gastric Bypass Surgery




Gastric Band or Lap Band ® 


Intra-gastric balloon

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