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Cellulaze® or the best anti-cellulite treatment in the world

Cellulaze® offers a new and very effective solution to eliminate cellulite permanently. For many years, various treatments to combat cellulite have been brought to the market, but with some important limitations to their efficacy and therefore not always with the desired aesthetic result. What is different about Cellulaze® is that it simply attacks the problem at its source. Cellulaze® is a minimally invasive treatment, with an innovative and unique mode of action. Cellulaze® works through a subcutaneous laser that attacks the 3 main causes of fat building under the skin. It is especially effective for the fat trapped around the thighs and buttocks, but can also be used in other areas of the body, such as the stomach or the neck.

The procedure is not an invasive plastic surgery as such, however tiny incisions are made to introduce a thin cannula below the skin. The laser acts directly under the skin, and the procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia with or without light sedation.

In the first phase of the treatment, the laser attacks the bulging areas that contain the excess of fat, or cellulite. The second step is to break down the fibrous tissues that are keeping the fat inside the skin. Finally, the laser will tighten the skin so it recovers a soft and firm look.


This method will notably reduce the cellulite and improve the appearance of the skin. Studies also show that the results are sustained over time. Only very few clinics worldwide can offer this new and highly effective anti-cellulite technology. As Cellulaze® is not an invasive surgical procedure, it can be easily combined with other types of cosmetic procedures.

Price Cellulaze® treatment: From 5.990 € (see full price list)

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