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The advancement of science has dramatically increased over the past years, and this is especially true for the field of Medicine. New medical specialties have emerged to increase focus and expertise regarding certain pathologies or certain internal organs. More sophisticated diagnostics, advanced surgical techniques and personalized treatments are helping people to live a better, happier and longer life. Higher medical specialization has helped treating patients more effectively, by diagnosing the diseases earlier and providing the adequate treatment faster. Patients can get a cure, but also live better with their disease, with less complications and more comfort.

The medical sector continues to develop extremely fast, in particular in the areas of medical diagnostics, surgical procedures and equipments, prosthesis and implants, hospital protocols and patient care. The pharmaceutical sector is also making available new, safer and more effective drugs.

However, with all these medical advances, the quality of care has never been so unequal and inconsistent throughout the world. Access to the best care is only available to a fraction of the population. There are considerable differences in the quality of hospitals and clinics, medical materials, quality of surgeons and medical staff, and generally quality of surgical procedures and treatments. These differences exist among countries, but also within a country or a region. This may be due to the varying level of budget and investment allocated to healthcare, the differences in the management of public hospitals and private clinics, and sometimes simply due to overall medical knowledge and education.

The main issue is that it is extremely complex for a patient to accurately evaluate the quality of a clinic or a surgeon, and subsequently ensure to receive the best possible surgical treatment or surgical procedure. This is the reason why HealthCare Expert have selected the best clinics and surgeons to help our patients make the right choice, for their health and the health of their families.

Approaching the right clinic or the right specialist from the very beginning can improve health outcome, decrease recovery time or improve comfort. In some cases, it may even be life saving. At HealthCare Expert, we work across all medical specialties and offer a world-class expertise in the fields of Neurosurgery, Pneumology, Rheumatology, Urology, Gastroenterology, Paediatric surgery, Ophthalmology, Gynaecology, and Hepatology. We particularly excel in the fields of Oncology, Cardiology, Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Advanced Sports medicine, Otorhinolaryngology, Addictions & Rehab, Infertility treatments and Bariatric Surgery, having access to some of the best medical surgeons in the world. In addition, Marbella is home of some of the best plastic surgeons and aesthetic clinics. See more following Cosmetic Surgery Marbella.

Marbella – Costa del Sol has evolved to become a leading medical hub and a one stop shop for locals and medical tourists. Marbella and the Costa del Sol are ideal locations for quality medicine and relaxation. See more on medical tourism in Marbella, Spain. HealthCare Expert provides high medical expertise, using world class surgeons and the latest technology available in our leading private clinics. We always study all individual needs with great care and then suggest the clinic, the surgeon and the treatment, that are best matching your needs and requirements. Whether you need Oncological treatment or Orthopaedic surgery, we adapt our service to fulfill your specific requirements.

Our mission is to offer comfort and tranquillity of mind to our patients, so they can be sure to receive the best available treatment from the hands of a top medical doctor. Our approach is very human and we understand our patient needs. Our role is to facilitate and support our patients and their families throughout their stay in Marbella, Costa del Sol. We can organise all details of your trip, taking care of the coordination with the clinics as well as arranging logistics and extra-activities.

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