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The beauty from within…

Our Detox retreat that was designed by our team of nutritionists can be life changing, a new start for a healthier lifestyle.

This exclusive Detox programme is inspiring, fun and efficient, and it relies on a natural detox method that has been successfully employed for over 10 years and has generated a great deal of healing and rejuvenation stories.

The detox programme is based on a juice diet, light vegetables broths with additional nutritional support through natural supplements. It is a great way to learn about healthy and delicious food, so you can start off with healthier eating habits. The average weight loss during the retreat is about 2,5 Kilos, but results may vary based on starting weight, individual metabolism, lifestyle and exercises practised during the retreat.

For an increased weight loss, see our weight loss retreat.

Our retreat provides the ideal environment for a relaxing stay and an healthy new start.

The programme actually starts well ahead of you arrival at the retreat. Upon confirmation, a member of our support team will contact you in order to understand your specific needs and health. We know that the real challenge starts when you leave us, and that the changes are not easy to put into practice.

An exhaustive Detox Retreat can provide the body with a chance to recover its natural balance. This may mean losing the weight which you may have been fighting for years, starting with a healthy lifestyle or even improve chronic health problems.

The detox retreat lasts 6 nights and 7 days, and includes:

  • Accommodation in premium room (or luxury suite for an extra charge of 65 Euros per night).
  • Pre-detox dinner.
  • 5 days of delicious, fresh, cleansing juices and broths.
  • Daily yoga class.
  • Nutritional Coaching sessions.
  • Complimentary use of oriental steam room, sauna, swimming pool and gym suite.
  • Post Detox retreat guide sent out after departure.
  • Free consultation at Dental Clinic (optional).
  • Free consultation at Aesthetic Clinic (optional).

Closest airport to our retreat location (Shanti Som): Malaga Airport (Spain)

Price Detox Retreat: From 1.751 €/person (see full price list)

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