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Regain the youth of your face!

A facelift is a surgery that lifts and tightens the facial skin to correct the sagging caused by ageing, acting on the skin of the face, neck, tightening around the eyes and muscle tissue to obtain a longer lasting result. This achieves a noticeable rejuvenation, a smoother and wrinkle free facial skin. Having a facelift can make your face appear younger and healthier.The surgery does not stop the ageing process, but a facelift does help you looking younger especially if the skin is loose and sagging. This will increase your self-confidence and reduce anxiety over growing older.

A facelift can reduce signs of ageing, but it cannot reverse skin damages caused by sun or remove scars and facial wrinkles around the eyes, below the nose and around the lips. However, efficient and safe anti-ageing treatment can treat these problems. The ideal treatment for these problems is the Molding Mask, a revolutionary anti-ageing procedure.

To achieve best results, a facelift can be combined with other aesthetic treatments such as blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery to give a younger look. A facelift alone would not improve the appearance around the eyes. In addition, aesthetic treatments such as chemical peeling can be added to a facelift to help erase damages caused by sun and ageing. Lipotransfers or injectable fillers can also help to fill up hollowed eyes and sunken cheeks.

The procedure: The surgery is done under general anaesthesia and usually takes 3 to 4 hours, depending on whether the patient is having the facelift alone and is combining it with a brow lift or a blepharoplasty. The surgeon will make a cut in the hairline and down past the from of the ears and go around them. The surgeon may also cut under the chin if the jawline is sagging and the patient wants to have it tightened. The surgeon will remove the extra fat attached to the skin and tighten the underlying muscles before repositioning, pulling and stitching the skin.

The recovery process: The patient has to stay 2 nights at the clinic. A bandage wrapped around the face will be put in place for 24 to 48 hours to reduce the swelling post-surgery. The stitches used can be dissolvable or not, depending on the case. If the stitches are not dissolvable, they are removed after a week. A full recovery is generally reached after 2 weeks, and the patient will be able to return to work and have a normal activity at that time.

Price Full Facelift: From 5.490 € (see full price list)

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