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A highly effective method to lose weight fast

A gastric bypass surgery works by reducing the food intake and by increasing the feeling of fullness. The surgery consists of creating a smaller space at the top of the stomach by basically stapling it, and separating it from the rest of the stomach. That newly created area of the stomach is connected with a lower part of intestine, therefore bypassing the upper intestine. The calories are mostly ingested in the low part of the stomach and in the upper part of the intestine, so in the case of a gastric bypass these areas of the digestive pathway are skipped or bypassed in order to limit the absorption of calories. In addition, by creating a smaller compartment in the upper stomach, the stomach gets quickly full which helps decrease the sensation of hunger. A gastric bypass is a very effective way to help people lose weight fast, especially where other methods such as diet and exercise have failed. Obesity is on the rise almost everywhere around the globe and is associated with serious health problems such as diabetes and serious cardiovascular problems. A gastric bypass surgery is a drastic but effective method to lose weight fast and reach a healthier weight. Typically a gastric bypass procedure is recommended for people considered as obese (BMI>35) and that need urgent help. Losing weight will not only improve your health, but also your confidence and well-being. It is frequent that after a significant weight loss, patients require plastic surgery to get rid of the extra skin and reshape their silhouette. Very effective surgical plastic procedures also exist to correct the skin imperfection left after an important weight loss.

Price Gastric Bypass: From 14.611 € (see full price list)

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