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Gastric Plication is performed through laparoscopic procedure. This involves making about 5 to 6 small incisions in the abdomen and inserting long instruments equipped with a video camera or laparoscope, through these abdominal incisions.

The gastric plication procedure involves folding and sewing of one or more large folds in the stomach to reduce its size. The stomach size after gastric plication can be reduced by 70%, thus limiting the amount of food that can be ingested. It does not reduce the quantity of nutrients being absorbed nor bypass your intestine, but it increases the sensation of fullness and limit your ability to ingest big quantities of food at the time. You will feel very full after eating small quantities of food, and the sensation will last for several hours.

This type of weight loss procedure is potentially reversible, and can be even converted in another type of bariatric into surgery. The gastric plication does not involve the cutting or removal of part of the stomach or upper intestine.

The Gastric Plication procedure is minimally invasive and takes approximately one to two hours to complete. Most patients stay in the hospital for 1-2 days after the procedure.

The laparoscopic gastric plication procedure is minimally invasive and the risk associated with that type of weight loss procedure are limited, however with any incisions there is potentially a risk of bleeding or infection. There is also a small risk of leak from the stomach suture, but these problems are rare.

The patient going through a gastric plication can expect to lose between 40% to 70% of its excess body weight in the first year post surgery.

Price Gastric Plication: From 16.800 € (see full price list)

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