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Weight loss can be a lengthy and time intensive process, especially if a large amount of weight has to be shifted in order to achieve the desired result. Sometimes, however, it can be essential to circumvent this time factor, because the person who needs to lose weight, needs to lose it fast. This can be the case if the excess fat in the body is starting to have an impact on the overall health of the person, in some cases even to an ultimately life threatening extent. Some people, however, may also want to lose weight fast purely for aesthetic reasons. If for one reason or another there is not enough time to solve weight problems by simply changing the nutritional intake and start exercising, more drastic measures might be necessary. Two obesity surgery options for rapid weight loss are Gastric Band or Gastric Bypass surgery.

Gastric Band surgery, also called Lap-Band® surgery, is a surgical procedure that involves the introduction of an adjustable band around the stomach in order to reduce its size. This means that less food can be consumed at any one time, and the feeling of hunger is satisfied quicker. The procedure is done via laparoscopy, which means through small incisions in the abdomen, through which a flexible tube with a camera is inserted to position the band in the correct place around the stomach. Into this band, a saline solution can be injected to tighten it, or sucked out to loosen it again, adjusting the size of the stomach as desired. Weight loss after a Gastric Band surgery is gradual at first, starting at around 1 kg per week in the initial weeks after the procedure, which then increases to 7-9 kg per week.

A Gastric Bypass surgery is a slightly different procedure. During the operation, a small compartment of the upper stomach is separated from the rest and then connected with a lower part of the intestine. By doing so, the part of the stomach that is available for food intake is reduced in size, and hence the feeling of fullness is achieved more quickly. In addition to this, the parts of the stomach and the intestine that absorb most of the calories on our food are bypassed and therefore the calorific intake from the food that is consumed is reduced. Weight loss after this surgery is extremely fast, with an average of 6-8kg lost per week in the first 6 months, which then gradually decreases to around 1kg per week after this initial period.

Both of these surgeries are highly effective solutions for people who want to lose weight fast. Gastric Bypass surgery is more invasive, but best suited for people who need to instantly lose a large amount of weight, especially for health reasons. Gastric Band surgery can deliver the same desired effect, but it is more gradual and a large weight loss not quite as instantaneous.

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