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In Vitro Fertilisation or IVF is the most effective treatment for infertility, with an average pregnancy success rate of approximately 67%. This technique is often used for women who have irreversible damage to their fallopian tubes or cervical mucus problems. It can also help couples with unexplained infertility problems. The IVF procedure starts with a hormone treatment which aims at growing several follicles simultaneously. After about 10 days, the doctor will retrieve several eggs by laparoscopy or by vaginal ultrasound guidance. The partner’s sperm can then be placed with the eggs into an incubator to start the fertilisation process. However in case of low sperm mobility for instance, the other method to fertilise an egg is called Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and consists of injecting a single spermatozoid into the egg in order to fertilise it. On the 14th day of the treatment the best 2 embryos will be implanted into the uterus. This procedure involves the placement of embryos obtained in a laboratory inside the uterus for implantation in order to achieve pregnancy. Embryo transfer is a simple procedure that follows IVF and is often considered the final step of the in vitro fertilisation process. Embryos that are not implanted will be frozen for future use in a subsequent cycle, if in this cycle the pregnancy is not achieved. Pregnancy is confirmed 12 days from embryo implantation.

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