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We offer the best specialists for your specific medical or cosmetic needs, and at the same time we can tailor a list of additional activities to make your stay in Marbella unforgettable. See our section Exclusive concierge service for more information.

This is the standard working sequence:

  1. A representative from HealthCare Expert will contact you within 48 hours via e-mail to answer your request and provide a quote for your treatment and stay.
  2. You will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire sent to you via email.
  3. A conference call will be arranged between you and our medical officer to answer any medical questions that remain (optional).
  4. We will define time and details of procedures, as well as travel itinerary.
  5. There will be a partial advance payment for medical services and accommodation booking.
  6. 15 days before surgery the rest of the payment should be transferred. (if the patient cannot travel for health reasons, we will find an alternative date or the patient will be reimbursed, except for the pre-booking fee).
  7. Departure to Marbella/clinic.
  8. A HealthCare Expert representative will be welcoming you at the airport upon arrival and take you to your hotel or clinic, as agreed.
  9. Appointment with your surgeon for an initial consultation.
  10. After running last medical checks, your procedure will be carried out.
  11. Recovery and relax in your accommodation with VIP service and attention.
  12. If you wish, take the opportunity to enjoy the tourist excursions you may have selected with us (before or after treatment).
  13. Back home.
  14. Our doctor and HealthCare Expert Representative will call you to follow up.


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