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One of the most revolutionary advances in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine worldwide in recent years has been the Molding Mask®, a safe and highly efficient rejuvenation treatment that rejuvenates the human face up to 20 years, depending on the specific characteristics of each different skin type. A key advantage of this method is the fact that it is non-invasive, meaning that no surgery is required. Using this cosmetic procedure, the skin is exfoliated and profoundly regenerated until it recuperates the properties of a younger skin.

AN UNRIVALLED TREATMENT TOTALLY UNIQUE IN THE WORLD Over the years Dr Roigé has been studying and investigating the biochemical, biological and dermatological processes that regulate skin ageing, with the clear objective to discover a formula that would actively stimulate the human skin to recover the characteristics and appearance it enjoyed 20 years before, that is a skin free of scars, stains and wrinkles.


The main objective of the studies carried out was to surpass the traditional treatments used in facial regeneration, namely dermabrasion and peeling. Another very important advantage of the technique is that it requires no surgery and no anaesthesia. Supported by his team of biologists and biochemists, Dr Roigécontinues today his research work to optimise and develop new variations of the master “Molding Mask” formula.

There are currently 12 different types of Molding Mask® formulations available, and specifically designed to meet the different needs of patients and target the various types of skin, pathologies and age range. This groundbreaking approach also makes this aesthetic treatment quite unique.The Molding Mask procedure offers a total and absolute regeneration of the skin with no added risks, and no surgery. To date, Dr Roigé ́s experience includes over 7.000 patients with amazing results.


AN AUTHENTIC REJUVENATION OF THE SKIN After having seen patients treated by Dr Roigé, many dermatologists have agreed that the Molding Mask genuinely achieves “an authentic and real rejuvenation of the skin” and are very pleased to see that this recovery can actually be achieved by medical means.

SKIN RE-HYDRATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS The human skin, in particular the parts frequently exposed to UV radiations (face and hands) can suffer significant damages over the course of the life, especially if not protected. Indeed, the sun is the single most important factor causing the skin to age. One of the main problems with ageing is the dehydration of the skin as a result of a continued exposure to air and light. This constant exposure causes skin cells to undergo a so called oxidation process. Rehydrating the skin is therefore of critical importance to recover its former texture. This is why rehydration is the cornerstone of the Molding Mask® skin rejuvenation treatment.


A NATURAL AND SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED FORMULA The Molding Mask formula is essentially made of substances from natural origins, with a small proportion of chemical components. Some of its components are obtained from chemical synthesis, in a very advanced and extensively tested formula. The Molding Mask® treatment is sometimes mistakenly compared with deep chemical peelings already commercialised on the market, such as: Baker&Gordon, Exoderm or Kakovich/TCA. However, neither the formula nor the quality or long lasting effect of the result are in any way comparable. It is also important to stress that in this method absolutely no dermal fillers are used, therefore avoiding potential problems of rejection or migration of material. Molding Mask offers an individualised treatment to satisfy the specific needs of each patient. The age range for the treatment can vary from, as young as 18 to as old as 65, or more but subject to medical assessment.

On the first day of the treatment, the skin is exposed to an intensive regeneration and exfoliation treatment for about an hour. A two-layer silk gauze mask impregnated with the 14 components of the master formula is applied onto the skin enabling the active ingredients to penetrate the skin. This first step of the treatment lasts about one hour and a half. During the first 6 hours after start of treatment the patient will remain sedated, as this will be the most uncomfortable time of the treatment for the patient. The mask is removed the following day and a regenerating powder is applied over the skin for 7 days. During these 7 days, the face will be subject to daily care sessions that will result in the desired lifting effect. On the 9th day the last mask is applied. This last mask contains mineral oils, zinc oxide cream, with additives, and a covering cotton layer. The mask will be removed after 8 hours. On the last day, once the last mask is removed, the patient is discharged from the clinic, and can head simply back home with an incredible of transformation. The skin will be totally regenerated, with a new texture and elasticity that will make it look, more or less, 20 years younger, depending on each case and skin type. The patient will need to follow the doctor’s instructions about post-treatment care and will need to apply an exclusive range of products called “First Care” from Molding Jeunesse, specifically developed for the post-Molding Mask® care of the skin. This daily skin care will last 6 months.

Price Molding Mask®: From 15.990 € (see full price list) Price includes all medical costs and 10 nights accommodation in a luxury hotel-clinic on a full-board basis (all meals provided).

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