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Medical Wellness Institute of Carratraca

The Medical Wellness Institute of Carratraca is located around the natural springs of Carratraca famous for their unique medicinal mineral waters.

The medicinal properties of the waters of Carratraca have been known for centuries. The Romans were already well aware of the exceptional benefits of these sulphurous waters, as shown by the numerous coins stamped with Caesar and other great emperors, as well as relics, that are often found in the area. Later on in history, the Arabs conquered the current region of Andalusia and were also using the medicinal waters of this area. The name of the village of Carratraca is dating back from that time, as Carratraca comes from the Arab ‘Karr-al-Krak’ meaning literally ‘scourge cleaning’ because it was where the warriors were cleaning away their impurities and healing their bodies.

The current thermae have their origins back in the early 18th century, when the exceptional therapeutic powers of the spring waters that surge in the small village of Carratraca had an almost legendary reputation, coming to be known as the miraculous waters of Carratraca. During the 19th century, the baths of Carratraca became one of the most notorious thermae of the age in Europe and its waters were rewarded on two occasions, in Madrid in 1873 and later in Paris in 1878, with the gold medal for best mineral medicinal waters.

The Carratraca waters are labeled as rich in sulphur, calcium and magnesium, and they emerge from the ground with an average temperature of 18ºC. Due to their unique composition, they are classified as medicinal mineral waters, meaning they can be drunk and applied onto the body for medical use.

Its sulphur content, in particular, is quite interesting from a therapeutic prospective. The rare mineral composition of the water is absorbed through the skin, the respiratory system or the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, and can act and cure where needed. The Carratraca waters have a special anti-toxin effect that acts on the liver and blood, activates the metabolic and immune system functions and regenerates the skin tissues and mucous membranes.The natural medicinal waters of Carratraca are recommended for the treatment of skin complaints, respiratory or nervous system pathologies, gynaecological problems, rheumatism and other physical trauma. All of the data is scientifically proven and backed up by the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy.The medicinal mineral waters’ antioxidant effects and their impact on the immune system have widened its range of uses, especially in the field of preventive medicine.

The consumption of these waters, rich in sulphur, reduces the level of LDL or bad cholesterol, and has a strong detox effect on the liver. These waters are also ideal for facial and body cosmetic and anti-ageing treatments due to their antioxidant effects.

Our team of medical experts have developed a series of advanced therapeutic programmes that take advantage of the miraculous properties of the waters of Carratraca. All of our programmes are offered in quiet, relaxing but luxurious facilities. A perfect combination for a natural revitalisation of body and mind.

Villa Padierna Palace Hotel spa

Our very exclusive spa at Villa Padierna was voted “2013 Best Spa in the world (Signum Virtutis)” by Seven Stars Global Luxury Awards. The spa is also located in one of the most luxurious hotel in the world, Villa Padierna Palace Hotel Marbella, the only 6 stars hotel on the Costa del Sol, Spain.

The hotel and spa facilities are totally unique, full of works of art, with fountains and terraces with amazing views of the Mediterranean. The hotel is surrounded by 3 golf courses, one of them being voted best golf course in the world.

Enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere of this sumptuous Spa. Inspired by ancient Roman baths, this magnificent 2,500m2 spa offers an exclusive thermal circuit with 8 colour therapy and essential steam rooms that feature scents which are prepared daily by combining different natural essences.

Our range and diversity of Beauty&Spa treatments is one of the most extensive in the world, from massages, baths, wraps and rituals, to facial and body cosmetic treatments and personalised programmes.

An incredible voyage through the five continents enjoying the best personal service, all with the aim to make your stay in Marbella an unforgettable experience.

Villa Padierna has developed a holistic and new concept of health and well-being with the single aim to improve the quality of life, providing both physical and emotional comfort.

A highly professional team of medical doctors, nutritionists and beauty therapists have joined forces to offer unique health and well-being programmes.

The team is led by Dr. Alberto Cerrada, a reference in the field of medical hydro-therapy and anti-ageing. All medical spa programmes start with a complete health assessment to tailor the treatments and therapies to your specific needs. The personalised medical spa programmes, the high level of service and the professional health assessment, all combined with a balanced diet and if desired a tailored physical exercise programme, are an ideal combination to achieve a natural regeneration of body and mind, and will make your stay at Villa Padierna Palace spa a unique, rejuvenating and healthy experience.Personalised healthy diets, medical monitoring, and the use of the latest technology together with more traditional techniques have delivered tangible and proven results to patients.

Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat

Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat is located in the middle of nature, secluded in the hills of the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve. The hotel retreat has been carefully designed using local materials and following the guidelines of Feng-Shui. Shanti-Som brings together elements of Balinese architecture and eastern gardens, creating an haven of Oriental traditions within easy access from major European cities.

Shanti-Som offers plenty of space to relax either in the rooms, lobby, courtyard or terraces, or to simply chill in the sun by the outdoor pool. There is a wonderful sense of relaxation, peace and serenity, gently guided by the sound of the waterfalls and fountains of the eastern gardens. The retreat is surrounded by mountains with pine trees, olive and lemon trees, in a totally unspoilt natural environment, but is also just a few minutes by car from the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol and the buzz of Marbella.

The hotel is cosy and ideal for a personalised treatment, only 14 rooms divided into 12 Premium rooms and 2 Suites. All room have a terrace or balcony, and have been carefully designed following the oriental theme. Shanti-Som does not allow entry to children under the age of 16 years old to ensure a full tranquility.

Although the retreat offers yoga and detox programmes that meet the physical needs of our guests, the largest effort Shanti-Som is to provide the necessary time for personal reflection, self-knowledge and personal development. This is an interlude in the middle of a hectic lifestyle that allows guests to regroup and inspire, while having the opportunity to learn more about the positive effects of a more balanced lifestyle to live your life to its fullest. In summary, a place to recharge your energy and reach spiritual balance.

Discover a complete paradise of sensations, where time is left at the door. Choose from a wide range of treatments for the mind, body and soul tailored to your needs. Shanti-Som Spa has been created to offer a spiritual break to release the tensions and stress of modern life. Our highly trained therapists are passionate, committed to excellence and take pride in providing the best possible service. All treatments are designed to bring harmony and balance and to meet the needs of all our customers.

Shanti-Som Spa offers body treatments, relaxing massages, facials, yoga and retreat, rituals and spa packages as well as healing therapies. Shanti-som is the place where you can regain your energy through a guided yoga, meditation or spa journey.

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