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Ozone therapy is a type of treatment in which ozone is used to heal and cure diseases. Ozone is an activated and highly reactive form of oxygen, and ozone can be transformed into oxygen in a very short period of time.

Every human body has got the ability to renew its own cells naturally, but this regeneration mechanism can be damaged and slowed down in case of stress, fatigue, illness or simply with age. However, the highly reactive properties of ozone can regulate and boost the human cell regeneration process, thus enabling the body to recover a vital function.

Ozone therapy is now used by millions of people worldwide as part of a broad variety of therapy plans.

Ozone is naturally produced in the stratosphere, when highly energetic UV radiation breaks oxygen (O2) molecules present in the atmosphere into oxygen atoms. These single oxygen atoms will then recombine into ozone molecule (O3).

The oxygen singlet (O) attached to the oxygen molecule (O2) is playing a key role in ozone therapy. These singlets bind with microorganisms, such as bacteria, and eliminate them through oxidation, leaving pure oxygen molecules in the body. Therefore, the cells in the human body are well oxygenated and they return to do an effective and specialised work.

Ozone promptly dissolves either in water or in plasma, and this property makes the ozone more effective to achieve its therapeutic goal. In the plasma these ozone molecules form into two substances as ROS (Reactive oxygen species) and LOPs (Lipid oxidation products). ROS are responsible for the immediate action of ozone, which includes improvement of oxygen delivery and activation of the immune system where the late acting LOPs, increases the production of nitrogen oxide (Vasodilator), releases stem cells from bone marrow, produces additional erythrocytes and antioxidant enzymes.

Ozone therapy is packed with enormous health benefits. Ozone therapy is particularly useful in Oncology and in treatment of cancer. Indeed, Ozone can target and kill cancer cells specifically, offering an alternative to certain cancer drugs that kill both non-healthy as well as healthy cells.

The benefits of ozone have been highly praised following the work Dr. James D.Watson, famous discoverer of the DNA structure, in which he states that the carcinogens are mainly viruses, hence viruses cannot survive in oxygen rich environment. Ozone therapy kill those carcinogenic agents. Ozone therapy assists greatly in cancer treatment as well as in many other viral diseases, which the world faces today, such as AIDS (HIV).



Ozone’s help in atherosclerotic patients is wonderful, as it directly acts on the atherosclerotic plaques by oxidizing them. Hence, it clears the blockage due to the plaque formation and enables more oxygen to be supplied to the organs. Consequently, it prevents the development of serious complications such as stroke, heart failure and other complications.

In addition, these ozone molecules stimulate the production of antioxidant enzymes and help in the battle against ageing, which is why Ozone therapy is also widely used in Cosmetology and Anti-ageing therapies. Furthermore, it helps to keep a young, fresh and clear skin.

Ozone therapy is also used in many rehabilitation centres to release tension and stress, therefore reducing some associated risk factors of developing many known diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus and many more diseases, partly caused by a modern and hectic lifestyle. The effect of these molecules of ozone can help counterbalance an unhealthy lifestyle.

It is also interesting to highlight the great use of ozone in weight loss and detox programmes, where it is employed for its fat burning and powerful detoxification properties. Ozone neutralises any kind of poisons, pollutions and other toxic substances that you may come across on a daily basis. It eliminates them through oxidation, making them harmless particles.

Ozone’s benefits are not only limited to Cardiology and Oncology, but also Cosmetology and Weight loss, as well as other therapeutic areas. Ozone effectively kills many pathogenic and harmful bacteria, various types of fungus and more interestingly kills most viruses. It also kills parasites and worms, keeping the body free of unwanted microorganisms. Ozone works in the mood stabilizing, sharpening the memory, prevention of memory loss and has many more features that are useful.

Ozone’s practice in medicine as well as in other fields such as water purifying helps to maintain a healthy way of life. The use of ozone tends to increase life expectancy by removing harmful substances and by increasing the oxygen supply to body tissues. Ozone’s immense benefits truly make ozone a super molecule to improve health and the quality of life. Ozone therapy always needs to be used by highly trained medical professionals.

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