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Our exclusive spa was voted “2013 Best Spa in the world (Signum Virtutis)” by Seven Stars Global Luxury Awards. The spa is also located in one of the most luxurious hotel in the world, Villa Padierna Palace Hotel Marbella, the only 6 stars hotel on the Costa del Sol, Spain.

Total Revitalising programme

Boost your energy level villa_padierna_spa_4

Our complete revitalising programme bundles medical spa and thermal treatments. This programme is designed for people that wish to improve their general well-being and their health. A balanced diet, a variety of facial and body treatments, and exercises, will increase your well-being, beauty and vitality. The programme is tailored to individual needs in order to achieve optimum results.

Weight loss programme

Show off your slim figure weight_loss

Our holistic weight loss programme is especially designed for overweight people who are willing to act, lose weight and be healthy. Our medical staff will help you achieve your goal through a mix of healthy diet, hydrothermal treatments, spa and aesthetic treatments, and physical exercise. The programme is tailored to individual needs in order to achieve optimum results.

Pure Beauty programme

Get a fresh look and a beautiful skin padierma4

Our beauty programme is aimed at people who are conscious of their image and arelooking to enhance the appearance of both body and face, tensing loose skin, erasing expression lines and other signs of ageing which hide natural beauty. Our beauty programme uses innovative and effective non-invasive cosmetic treatments to obtain visible results in a short amount of time. The results are going beyond beauty and are also influencing the overall well-being.

Bioenergetic programme

Rebalance body’s energy villa_padierna_spa_2

The fundamental concept of bioenergetics is that every illness is caused by some energy blockage or imbalance in the body. The principal objective of our bioenergetic programme is to re-balance the body’s energy as a whole, therefore supporting the body’s self-healing process well before the first symptoms appear.

Anti-stress programme

Unwind, relax and free up your mind


Our anti-stress programme is designed for people suffering from chronic stress, lack of concentration, lethargy, irritability, migraines, anxiety or general fatigue. This programme brings together experts in nutrition, psychology, cosmetic medicine and natural therapies with the ultimate aim of finding a solution to chronic fatigue and other pathologies caused by sustained stress.

Hydrotherapy & Aromatherapy

The power of water and scents


Our luxurious spa welcomes you to enjoy a very special trip. The aromatherapy suite, with its open spaces and pure natural light, its cocooning havens, its relaxing and detoxifying steam bath aroma of India and Bali, will transport you to another world.

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