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Thread Lift, also known as Contour Lift, Silhouette Lift, Feather Lift, or Aptos Thread Lift, is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require significant plastic surgery. Thread Lifts provide similar results to classic aesthetic surgeries but at a fraction of the price, physical impact, or recovery time. Over time, skin can begin to sag as it loses strength in its deeper, supporting tissue layers. The effect of this is loose and weak looking skin, the appearance of wrinkles, and a generally tired expression. Thread Lifts work against this in two stages. Initially, the introduction of fine threads under the skin instantly and visibly tightens the expression, and over time, their remaining presence in the tissue also promotes collagen production for a plumper and fuller looking skin.

All types of Thread Lifts are essentially performed using the same procedure, which usually takes approximately one hour to perform. As a non-surgical aesthetic treatment, it involves no significant cuts in the skin, but simply requires a few small access incisions for the placement of a number of fine needles. Through these needles, fine bio-absorbable polydioxanone threads are introduced in the areas where treatment is required, and secured in place with the help of small barbs that run along the threads. The threads are then pulled tight in order to lift the skin and anchored under the skin for a long-lasting and secure fit.


Due to their non-invasive nature, Thread Lifts are ideal for those who do not wish to undergo a significant aesthetic surgery. Thread Lifts can be used to lift sagging eyebrows, straighten asymmetric eyebrows, lift the cheeks, and tighten the skin of the lower face and neck areas. However, Thread Lifts cannot offer a solution for excessively sagging skin or severe wrinkles. Thread lifts are not suitable either for patients with very thin skin or very little facial fat, as the threads need sufficient amounts of tissue to be attached to. For patients with severe facial sagging, or those who wish for a drastic transformation, classic plastic surgery might be a better option, but can be combined with a thread lift in order to help secure the results and support the skin structure. The recovery time for Thread Lift Procedures is minimal, however, it is recommended to allow a few days for possible bruising to subside and around one week before physical activities such as contact sports are resumed, or any other physical procedures in the facial area such as dental treatment are carried out. Thread Lift Procedures are effective for about 2 – 5 years, but as the threads dissolve naturally over time, the longer lasting effects are mainly based on the increase in collagen production that is caused by the absorption of the dissolving polydioxanone into the skin.

Price Thread Lift: From 3.492 € (see full price list)

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